About Seoul Biennale 2021

The biennale is an Italian word for biennial (every 2 years) international exhibition, derived from the Venice biennial. In Korea, the Seoul Biennale, the Gwangju Biennale, and the Busan Biennale are well known, and Seoul City, one of the world’s leading international cities, holding the Seoul Biennale every two years(odd) under the issues of “Architecture and Urbanism” ‘Seoul biennale of Architecture and Urbanism’ (SBAU) is a venue for harmony that interacts with cities around the world, about artists and their work, but about issues and suggestions that explore the future of the city we live. Therefore, the Seoul Biennale will consist of a pilot year for international cooperation, research, and progress, and an event year to present the results in the form of exhibitions and participation programs every other year. The exhibitions include Thematic and Cities Exhibitions, which shows the most innovative initiatives occurring in cities around the world, as well as Global Studios, Live Projects, workshops and other programs that engage public participation.

the Artwork

The disappearance of Modern History in Singapore is poetically represented by a model of Pearl Bank Apartments - a pioneering icon of Modern History Buildings in Singapore. The model re-enacts the iconic horseshoe form of Pearl Bank Apartments, while its transparency draws parallels with the void it has created in the city, caused by its demolition.

Visitors will be able to appreciate the architectural uniqueness of this icon while exploring microsites, consisting of digital content like short videos and graphics relating to the 7 different stages in the life of the building. Along this journey, visitors will also get to virtually interact with the model using AR (Augmented Reality), while witnessing the gradual erasure of Pearl Bank.

The installation serves as a reminder of what has been lost as a result of the demolition culture, and a stepping stone to kickstart conversations regarding the conservation of our Modern History Buildings.

WY-TO is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Paris and Singapore with a decade of built environment experience that focuses on holistic society improvements through purposefully planned spaces and everyday interactions.

First founded in Singapore by Managing Director and Head of Design, Yann Follain in 2010, WY-TO has since grown its multifaceted studio to Paris with Co-founder and Paris’s Director, Pauline Gaudry in 2012. Our diverse portfolio is enriched with each country’s heritage that has shaped and synthesised our design approaches in various creative fields. Supporting this is the fundamental belief that Design must serve a cause.

Secretary of Docomomo SG (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement) and Provolk’s Founder, Jonathan Poh, joined in 2020 as WY-TO Singapore’s Director. Together, we lead people from all walks of life to an inclusive cultural understanding. Through well-tailored environments, we achieve and set better living quality standards in metropolitan and rural projects.

Inspired by each studio’s exchanges, day-to-day encounters, and the ever-evolving landscape, we constantly refine our creative, practical, and ethical design ideologies. Our intuitive concepts with distinct human-centric themes seek to educate and unify everyday interactions, regardless of background, religion, gender or age group.Grounded by research-proven methods, WY-TO continuously goes beyond and harmonise form, function, and design.

We believe that empathetic and honest long-lasting design solutions are possible without undermining relevant needs in large cityscapes and other less urbanised contexts.